[Case study] In-store heatmap: A solution when customer traffic slows down

in store heatmap

Client is a retailer with branches all over the country. From early stages of the COVID-19 crisis, as a measure to improve sales, they felt the need for groundbreaking technology and heatmaps ahead of time. As a result, sales remained strong even during the complicated pandemic situation.

Nurture existing customers when customer traffic slows down

Due to the corona wreck, the market witnessed drastic changes in customer preferences and behaviour patterns. Customers refrained from eating out and shopping offline, retail sales therefore declined. Understanding the challenge, client knew that special situations required special methods, and consulted VTI for extensive experience in advanced technologies. 

Unlock customer insights

At the time, client decided to put aside improvement on prospective customers and focus on cultivating existing customers instead. VTI proposed a heatmap solution to capture new customer preferences and behaviour patterns. A heatmap is a graph that shows how users behave with the content on a platform using different shades of colour. As a result, customer information from stores was inspected, aggregated, and analysed to support sales and marketing campaigns that tap into customer insights.

Sales are going strong, new stores are planned

With the help of the heatmap, client had a better grasp of customer expectations. Customer demand was better met and sales significantly improved during COVID-19. Furthermore, by data collection and analysis, client was enabled to not only demand but also the market by utilising valuable data. “In a fast-moving world, data is money. Thanks to heatmaps, we are planning to open a new store.”

Advanced technology as early as possible from corporate perspectives

In an unpredictable future, wouldn’t it be better to introduce advanced technology as early as possible, to overcome the difficulties that await us? On that difficult road ahead, we will open up the future together with our customers. We provide Retail X and other technology solutions to promote DX and business growth for the retail sector. If you would like to explore Retail X in detail, please do not hesitate to contact us.