[Case study] DX in convenience store: Proactive work schedule management

VTI work schedule case study

Client operated approximately 200 convenience stores. Managers felt like they would inevitably be left behind if they kept on sticking to the old-fashioned way. They therefore decided on digital transformation, starting with a new work schedule management system using advanced technology.  

Develop a website that centralises work schedules 

Client managed work schedules on Excel – which takes a lot of time even for those who are good at office IT. If any mistake were made, it would be hard to detect, and it would be unlikely to severely affect customer loyalty. Understanding these issues, VTI proposed the development of a new website that centralises work schedules by store/by employee. Thanks to Cloud migration, store data is synchronised and the management system is able to process a huge data amount within a short time, by utilising cutting edge technologies, naming API Gateway, Lamba, RDS. 

50% reduction in operation costs

After implementation, the smoothly running system has resulted in a 50% reduction in operation costs. Not only that, but AWS CloudWatch Events automatically updates work item data, allowing faster and more precise schedule management. This in the long term also improves employee efficiency.

Become a trustworthy company

After this new work schedule management system, business performance was soaring, client thereby wish to take further steps and drive their digital transformation hard. Our client stated: “The impetus for continuous improvement of a company is not to win the trust of customers, but to give them the right to choose and become a company worthy of their trust.” 

VTI: A support team that keeps going until the end

VTI is proud of abundant human resources with thorough experience in cutting-edge technology. We provide solutions and services that utilise advanced technologies across a wide range of industries. We will do our best to change the future together with our customers. For companies in the retail industry, we provide a one-stop solution for software development, Retail X, for promoting DX and business growth. 


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