Case Study


Car sharing system

Project Overview

・Customer is a Big Bus Operation Company in Singapore.

・Customer want to develop an application for leasing and self-drive car in Singapore market.

・You can order, add to cart, pay online. After successful payment, you will receive a key code to open the car door and engine. These car are special cars, customized from Toyota vehicles, need to order separately specific equipment)

Our Solutions

Development Full Lifecycle, creating user stories, build architecture, design, development, test til release


・Web: ReactJS

・Mobile : Reactnative

・DB: Postgresql

・Infra: AWS

・Architecture: Micro service, SOAP vs RestAPI

・Backend: Java 8

Rideshare booking application

Project Description

Developed an taxi booking mobile application, using real-time technology similar to Grab, Uber. Customer want to contribute to a revolution in mobility services


・OS : Swift

・Android : Java, Kotlin

・Backend : Java Spring Boot

・Frontend : Angular

Car tracking mobile system

About customers

A major telecommunications operator in Japan.

Case overview

Building an app mobile system server in order to track Car’s location. Evaluating driving frequency to record and store. For the purpose of improving the customer’s transportation business, the location information of the vehicle is recorded in real time, and dangerous application detection, tire pressure monitoring, etc. are converted into data by the application.

Our Solution

・Developer actively research API to understand the mechanism of work and communicate with sensor

・Conduct multiple experimental tests on real car to give the completing algorithm


・Android Java

・Bluetooth low energy, androidx, room database

・Location Services API, Camera API, Media APIs, Motion sensors API

・Retrofit2, fabric