[Case study] Expand customer lifecycle with Loyalty Application

Client operated a chain of convenience stores, which was using a paper point card system. This brought up several issues: the card gets wet easily in bad weather, and it is not environmentally friendly since it requires a lot of paper. Client therefore decided to switch to a digital accumulating points system.

Consider various vendors and decide on VTI’s loyalty application development services

Aware of the sluggish sales, client felt the need for technology applications to overcome the worsening business situation. Among various solution proposals to increase sales and cultivate customers, client decided on VTI’s Loyalty App for our specialised point accumulation function, compatibility on both iOS and Android, and integration with customer’s other systems to support sales and marketing planning. 

A loyalty app customised for specialised requirements

Since this convenience store has a large number of existing customers, VTI proposed a loyalty app to strengthen customer engagement or retain loyal customers as a measure to increase sales. The app allows users to accumulate points, redeem gifts, and contact chatbots anytime, anywhere for questions or inquiries. In addition to that, by integrating with the customer’s running systems, the supermarket notifies of events and coupons, and manages gift points.


After a few months of implementation, positive effects were shown: over 160,000 app users, reduced marketing costs, improved the customer experience. Autoscaling also kept the system up and running during times of spikes in data traffic demand. In addition, the solution has saved 40% of the redundant paperwork.

Even small forces can protect the earth if gathered together

The application not only engaged a wide range of new customers, but also greatly improved existing customer experience. “The app helps me accumulate points, and keep track of what’s new at convenience stores. It’s very convenient for me. Besides, since it doesn’t use paper, I feel good about protecting the environment, in a way “. The managers of this convenience store are also determined to promote digitisation in the future.

We are happy to accompany you on the road to the future

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