One more AWS Developer Associate Certificate for VTI

Recently, Mr. Manh Luu Ngoc – a VTI’s engineer passed AWS Developer Associate Certificate.
Sharing about the preparation. Mr. Manh said that, in VTI, there are a group of engineers having the same desire to learn more about Cloud. The group set their goal and organized their own weekly classes to discuss and share knowledge learned based on a planned schedule.
Each person studied at home in the online courses purchased by VTI on the udemy or whizlabs and referred to the online resources.
After about a month, the group completed self-studying. Because Mr. Manh registered the early test, now the group only has 1 certificate from him. Hopefully some more certificates will come soon.
Mr. Manh said that the biggest difficulty for them was the limited time available for learning. In addition, many members do not have enough experience working with AWS so it is difficult to learn to take the certificate. He himself has a lot of experience working with AWS, so it’s easier to prepare for the test.
From his own experience, Mr. Manh pointed out that it is necessary to thoroughly understand the scope of knowledge of the services that will be applicable to the types of certificates you choose, avoiding studying only questions. Instead of that, you should understand the reason why these questions choose such answers, so they can be applied in other cases.
Congratulations on sweet fruit to Manh’s enduring efforts!