AI Conversational & Natural Language Processing

AI Conversational & Natural Language Processing

Transform interactions and enhance user experiences with cutting-edge technologies

Cloud computing services

Text to speech

Using the deep neural network (DNN) synthesis mode and can be quickly integrated through the on-device SDK to generate audio data in real-time.

Speech to text

A speech-to-text system categorised by use case: conversational system, command and control system, audio document transcription, interviews, webinars, etc.


Simulating conversation with users through messaging apps, websites, mobile apps, automating customer service, marketing and CX across digital messaging channels

Voice processing

Supporting customer service with the help of AI technologies that understand and communicate in human language. Reducing the burden of customer support tasks

Reimagine conversations with AI-driven solutions

Text to Speech

Converting text into natural-sounding speech across multiple languages and voices through VTI’s advanced deep neural network API.

Speech to Text

Accurately transcribe human voice languages into text with our advanced AI-powered speech recognition, and seamlessly work with multiple audio formats.


Effortlessly engage in simulated conversations across various digital channels, automating & enhancing the overall customer experience.

Voice Processing

Alleviate the workload of customer support through our cutting-edge AI voice call center, employing state-of-the-art voice recognition technology.
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