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Innovative IT solutions with VTI

Innovative IT solutions with VTI

To keep abreast with the latest trends and demands in the market, every business has felt the urge to innovate the operations, the products, or transform into a whole new digital-driven business.
With VTI’s IT outsourcing solutions, businesses can focus on their area of expertise, while getting an integrated & modern IT solution that can fit smoothly into the existing business process. We help businesses optimize their resources to build the most suitable and modern outputs on a budget.

Benefits when using IT outsourcing services


Experienced IT outsourcing providers will help companies optimize their budget and resources to get quality yet affordable outputs.

Adopt Technology Trends

Companies do not need to develop a strong IT department but still adopt AI, cloud computing, or many groundbreaking tech into thier products or system

Harnessing Competent IT Personnel

Companies have the chance to work with a team of experienced IT experts around the world with minimum cost


Comapnies can get a personalized solutions that are designed for their business model, and be able to deal with complicated projects

Why choose us

We leverage our end-to-end application development, maintenance, and management services and solutions that deliver measurable business value.
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As the outsourcing market will continue to grow in the future, the IT outsourcing service will take the lead, where companies’ IT outsourcing spending is projected to reach $519 billion in 2023 – a 22% increase over the last 4 years.This Ebook will help companies get a comprehensive look about IT outsourcing service: the pros, the cons, and when they should hire an outsourced team for their projects.

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VTI’s IT outsourcing services

Our services empowers businesses with cost-effective and automated solutions

AI Service

Converging the power of AI, analytics and cloud. Our AI & ML include: Computer vision, Natural Language Processing, Data Analysis

Cloud Service

We provide a full process from planning to design implementation, development and operation

Migration Service

Implement an effective software migration strategy from alternative platforms to technologies & infrastrutures

Business Application Development Service

We provide a full process from planning to design implementation, development and operation


Providing end-to-end application maintenance management & monitoring services

IoT Applications

Including cloud-based sofftware, data science, and intergration services that allow businesses to maximize operational efficiency

Ecommerce Services

Custom and platform-based eCommerce solutions that promote OMO and omnichannel transformation

SAP Service

We deliver SAP services ranging from consulting to product development, testing and delivery, with a strong focus on cutting edge technologies….

Embedded Service

Embedded software consulting, system design & product development, system testing, firmware & HMI application development

Security Service

Pen test, threat & Vulnerability management, AI/IoT/OT sercurity, Security implementation service

Managed Service

Optimize your IT department’s workload and boost operational efficiency with our one-stop managed services solutions.


Optimize your IT department’s workload and boost operational efficiency with our one-stop managed services solutions.

Types of IT outsourcing models in VTI

Typical type of collaborations based on your company’s needs.


A supportive team of IT specialists will be available 24/7 to deal with IT tasks in your company


Getting a number of qualified IT employees working on your business projects without hiring and training

Dedicated team

Reap the benefits from experienced IT experts from Vietnam
operation services managed services
Explore how VTI’s collaboration with a leading Japanese computing devices supplier transformed their IT operation, ensuring seamless system maintenance, robust security measures, and exceptional customer satisfaction. A need for operational support from an industry leader Our customer is a Japanese company renowned for supplying computing devices, both for cloud and on-premise environments. Since its establishment...
Technical support
This case study delves into VTI’s exceptional provision of comprehensive AWS support to more than 70 customer companies leveraging a diverse range of AWS services. With a support level equivalent to that of AWS Technical Support, VTI has implemented robust tools to efficiently manage end-user requests, track statuses, and uphold a stringent SLA of under...
Founded in 2013, GA Technologies, Inc., has been addressing the significant challenge in the real estate industry known as analog by developing and providing solutions that leverage technology to promote DX (Digital Transformation). In 2021, GA Technologies planned to introduce offshore development services in addition to in-house development to accommodate the expansion of various systems. After...
VTI youngshine AI smart construction
This case study delves into our partnership with a prominent Korean construction corporation facing internal resource limitations. The customer seeks to develop a construction-planning simulation application. VTI leveraged AI technology, specifically reinforcement learning, to enhance the simulation application’s accuracy and optimize vehicle routes and costs.  Leveraging a skilled talent pool for construction planning  Our customer...
VTI has effectively addressed the migration challenges of a leading Korean security company. Operating under a full offshore Global Development Center (GDC) model, VTI’s strengths in technical expertise and Korean communication have yielded commendable initial results, including significant cost savings for the customer.  Leveraging VTI’s expertise to tackle migration challenges Our customer is a subsidiary...
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