Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
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Navigating Migration Challenges of a Prominent Korean Security Company [Case Study]

January 18, 2024

VTI has effectively addressed the migration challenges of a leading Korean security company. Operating under a full offshore Global Development Center (GDC) model, VTI’s strengths in technical expertise and Korean communication have yielded commendable initial results, including significant cost savings for the customer. 

Leveraging VTI’s expertise to tackle migration challenges

Our customer is a subsidiary of the no.1 corporation in Korea, specializing in supplying whole security areas with innovative products and services, including network security, cloud security, security service, and threat analysis. 

The client previously developed an integrated management product that incorporated and managed their prevention/detection solutions. This product’s graphical user interface (GUI) application (Client Console) was written in Java and Flex programming languages. However, with Adobe discontinuing support for Flash Player, the Flex programming language is no longer viable. Consequently, an essential task for VTI involves migrating certain screens composed of Flex to AIR technology.

VTI’s scope of work encompasses several crucial components in the field of migration services:

  • Porting AIR conversion for eight screens initially developed with Flex.
  • Implementing the event exchange/communication interface between Java and AIR.
  • Configuring network and firewall settings.
  • Addressing issues identified by the Sonar Report, a tool designed to ensure source code quality meets international standards.

Seamless communication with full offshore GDC in Vietnam

The GDC model proves to be the most viable for our cooperation, offering a combination of cost efficiency and abundant human resources. To kickstart our work process, we established a dedicated GDC team in Vietnam, starting with four offshore developers. The distinctive feature of this offshore GDC model is its complete independence from onsite engineers at the headquarters. VTI and the customer seamlessly transitioned into a fully remote working environment, utilizing collaborative tools to enhance communication and streamline project updates.

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secui work process
Our offshore GDC organization model and workflow

Facilitated by a dedicated project coordinator fluent in Korean, VTI ensures clear communication and accurate transmission of customer requests. The project advances smoothly with a highly skilled team, ensuring top-notch product quality, timely delivery, and significant cost savings.

Heading into the prospective future of migration services

VTI has been a trusted migration partner, delivering seamless services for businesses across industries. With our migration services integrated into an innovative GDC model, we offer Korean businesses a streamlined platform for technology transition, resource management, and project scalability. 

Notably, in collaboration with various prominent Korean companies, VTI has set up specialized GDCs, and a notable example is a Cloud GDC focused on Managed Service Provider (MSP) services in Vietnam.

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Whether you require assistance with migration services or contemplate establishing a GDC in Vietnam, feel free to contact us

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