Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
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Case Study

Elevating A Japanese Computing Devices Supplier’s Infrastructure with Seamless Operation Services

May 21, 2024
Explore how VTI’s collaboration with a leading Japanese computing devices supplier transformed their IT operation, ensuring seamless system maintenance, robust security measures, and exceptional customer satisfaction. A need for operational support from an industry leader Our customer is a Japanese company renowned for supplying computing devices, both for cloud and on-premise environments. Since its establishment...

Technical Support For Over 70 Companies Across 30+ AWS Services

May 6, 2024
This case study delves into VTI’s exceptional provision of comprehensive AWS support to more than 70 customer companies leveraging a diverse range of AWS services. With a support level equivalent to that of AWS Technical Support, VTI has implemented robust tools to efficiently manage end-user requests, track statuses, and uphold a stringent SLA of under...

Co-Creating the Future in the Real Estate Industry with a Vision of Technology x Innovation

April 2, 2024
Founded in 2013, GA Technologies, Inc., has been addressing the significant challenge in the real estate industry known as analog by developing and providing solutions that leverage technology to promote DX (Digital Transformation). In 2021, GA Technologies planned to introduce offshore development services in addition to in-house development to accommodate the expansion of various systems. After...

Optimizing Construction Operations with AI-Powered Solutions [Case Study]

March 25, 2024
This case study delves into our partnership with a prominent Korean construction corporation facing internal resource limitations. The customer seeks to develop a construction-planning simulation application. VTI leveraged AI technology, specifically reinforcement learning, to enhance the simulation application’s accuracy and optimize vehicle routes and costs.  Leveraging a skilled talent pool for construction planning  Our customer...

Navigating Migration Challenges of a Prominent Korean Security Company [Case Study]

January 18, 2024
VTI has effectively addressed the migration challenges of a leading Korean security company. Operating under a full offshore Global Development Center (GDC) model, VTI’s strengths in technical expertise and Korean communication have yielded commendable initial results, including significant cost savings for the customer.  Leveraging VTI’s expertise to tackle migration challenges Our customer is a subsidiary...

40% Cost Reduction via Establishing a Global Development Center (GDC) on Cloud Managed Services [Case Study]

January 9, 2024
Our customer, a prominent IT service company in Korea, is spearheading technological innovation across sectors. This case study describes their collaboration with VTI, where establishing a Cloud Global Development Center (GDC) focused on Managed Service Provider (MSP) services in Vietnam emerges as a strategic response to the challenges of labor shortage and high labor costs...

200+ Unmanned Stores Were Opened With The Help Of VTI

December 20, 2023
The client is a retailer that operates convenience stores. As the corona crisis dragged on, the need for digital transformation to respond to worldwide changes was growing, therefore client decided to open unmanned stores as a pioneer in the retail industry. However, during the rollout, it became difficult to automate the payment and monitoring system...

Smart access control for Office 4.0

December 12, 2023
About the customer The customer is one of the leading logistics service providers in Germany and around the world, with representative offices in most countries. The company provides sea and air transportation solutions as well as other related logistics services. The customer was looking for a solution for the new office in Vietnam. Context In...

Shifting to Smart Energy as Part of the Transition to a Smart Factory

December 11, 2023
In the midst of the accelerating Digital Transformation (DX), the concept of “Smart” has emerged one after another, driven by the increased penetration of cutting-edge technologies to advance the revolution in how we work. Among these, the concept of a Smart Factory has garnered significant attention as a core element of DX in the manufacturing...

“Liberating” Attendance for Nearly 3,000 Workers Within 25 Minutes at the SMC Factory

December 11, 2023
The specificity of manufacturing industries with a large workforce in warehouses and factories, ranging from hundreds to thousands of employees working in various shifts, poses a challenge for human resources management. Besides optimizing production, factories also need to focus on human resources management to achieve the highest efficiency and productivity. Customer Overview SMC Corporation is...
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