Empowering Innovation Technology Value

Empowering Innovation Technology Value

VTI Group is a leading technology corporation based in Vietnam, Japan, Korea and Singapore. We are confident to accommodate one-stop solutions for customers of all sizes across various industries, such as Manufacturing, Retail, Finance, Internet Service, Transportation and Construction, assisting in business growth through digital transformation.
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Together with you on DX journey

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WMS-X: Electric Factories
Customer Overview The customer is a leading Power Corporation in Vietnam, comprising 5 electric factories. Their business activities include electricity production, regulation, wholesale electricity trading, electricity import and export, as well as investment and capital management for electric projects. Customer’s Current Challenges The customer currently utilizes an ERP warehouse management system There is inconsistency in [...]
WMS-X: Cold Storage Warehouses
In recent years, there has been a continuous increase in the demand for cold storage warehouses. According to a study by Grandview Research, the global market size for cold storage warehouses was estimated at $138.97 billion in 2022, with a projected annual average growth rate (CAGR) of 17.2% from 2023 to 2030. This growth is [...]
Case Study Merchize
Vietnam is currently experiencing a boom in eCommerce. The number of sellers using e-commerce is rapidly increasing, as more businesses aim to expand and venture into international markets to introduce Vietnamese products globally. Merchize has consulted with AWS and VTI to transition their platform from a single-tenant environment to a multi-tenant environment. About Merchize Founded [...]
Application of Cloud Computing in Vuihoc's Online Education
In recent years, following the COVID-19 pandemic, the processes of globalization and the development of social networks have driven the growth of various online forms, and education is no exception to this trend. Even before the pandemic, online education was predicted to be a form that provides significant value. This reality presents a new demand [...]
Company Overview Our customer is a leading enterprise in the field of the plastic industry in Vietnam Customer’s challenges The current portal system poses several problems: Only serving the purpose of document management/approval, failing to function as a portal connecting all departments. Lack of such essential functions as notifications, internal communications, and training support systems. [...]