Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
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Application development

Co-Creating the Future in the Real Estate Industry with a Vision of Technology x Innovation

April 2, 2024
Founded in 2013, GA Technologies, Inc., has been addressing the significant challenge in the real estate industry known as analog by developing and providing solutions that leverage technology to promote DX (Digital Transformation). In 2021, GA Technologies planned to introduce offshore development services in addition to in-house development to accommodate the expansion of various systems. After...

Expand Customer Lifecycle With The Customer Loyalty Application

September 1, 2023
The client operated a chain of convenience stores, which was using a paper point card system. This brought up several issues: The card gets wet easily in bad weather, and it is not environmentally friendly since it requires a lot of paper. The client, therefore, decided to switch to a digital accumulating points system, which...

Case Study: How IT Outsourcing Transformed A Convenience Store Chain’s Operations

May 16, 2023
In this case study, we will explore how a big convenience store chain can successfully modernize their outdated system while maintaining their daily operations smoothly with VTI’s IT outsourcing services. A leading retail & convenience company in Japan For a long time, company M – a retail giant in Japan, has been famous for adopting cutting-edge...

SNS application

July 8, 2021
Description With the desire to“Deliver “WISH” to each and every of the world, to support the “realization“” that connect everyone’s dream through a new SNS application Solutions Build mobile apps on Android and iOS with React Native Technology IoS: Swift Android: Java Backend: Java Spring Boot Frontend: HTML, Bootstrap

Mobile online stock trading application

July 7, 2021
Description Customer is a financial consulting company, providing IT solutions related to finance for customers, want to build mobile online stock trading application. Solutions Build a client-side web app using JavaScript. Technology Xamarin. Custom Renderer. UITest, Test Cloud, Automation Test.

Traveller insurance contract management system

July 7, 2021
Description Customer wants to develop a system for travel insurance buyers to manage travel contracts with insurance, along with that they want to upgrade some features as well as interface and performance. Solutions Improve based on the original system and build a contract management system. Stable, beautiful and smooth migration of data from the old...

Rideshare Booking Application

July 7, 2021
Description: Developed an taxi booking mobile application, using real-time technology similar to Grab, Uber. Customer want to contribute to a revolution in mobility services. Solution: We focus to: Realtime Data factors such as GPS location, avalable status (improve new Transmitter Protocol by replace http session to MQTT and tuning Data to adapt new transmission). Build up...

Car sharing system

July 7, 2021
Description: Customer is a Big Bus Operation Company in Singapore. Problem to solve: Customer want to develop an application for leasing and self-drive car in Singapore market. You can order, add to cart, pay online. After successful payment, you will receive a key code to open the car door and engine. These car are special...

Car tracking mobile system

July 7, 2021
Description Build an app mobile system server in order to track Car’s location. Evaluating driving frequency to record and store. For the purpose of improving the customer’s transportation business, the location information of the vehicle is recorded in real time, and dangerous application detection, tire pressure monitoring, etc. are converted into data by the application....

B2C system for convenience stores

July 7, 2021
Description B2C mobile application, serving 40,000 users in first phase and millions in later phase. Features Main features: ※ eCommerce. ※ Loyalty. Using microservices architecture leveraging Kubernetes on AWS for nearly unlimited scalability. Technology EKS, Aurora DB, Prometheus, Grafana (monitoring), Splunk (logging).
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