ParkingX: Smart License Plate Recognition System

ParkingX: Smart License Plate Recognition System

Smart license plate recognition system using AI

Parking X

ParkingX is a smart license plate recognition system that enables:

  • Smart, fast and accurate license plate recognition
  • Access management of hundreds of vehicles within just a few minutes
  • Optimised human resources

Key features

Speedy – Accurate – Optimised human resources

Flexibility on premise & Cloud

On - Premise

On - Premise

  • Deployed on customer’s server
  • One-time purchase
  • Self-maintenance according to company policy
  • Maintenance fees required, complicated upgrading process
  • An operation team required
  • Costly IT infrastructure set-up



  • Deployed on VTI’s server
  • Recurring charges (affordable initial investment)
  • Continuously and regularly operational support by the supplier
  • No maintenance, system upgrade fees required (automatically upgraded functionality)
  • No operation team is required
  • No cost for IT infrastructure set-up required
  • No exit barrier (service can be stopped flexibly if required)

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