Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
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WMS-X: Synchronized Inventory Management Solution for Spare Parts Warehouses of 5 Electric Factories

November 28, 2023
WMS-X: Electric Factories

Customer Overview

The customer is a leading Power Corporation in Vietnam, comprising 5 electric factories. Their business activities include electricity production, regulation, wholesale electricity trading, electricity import and export, as well as investment and capital management for electric projects.

Customer’s Current Challenges

The customer currently utilizes an ERP warehouse management system

  • There is inconsistency in the underlying data among subsidiary companies, leading to confusion and difficulties in control when generating management reports
  • No standardized warehouse management procedures
  • Manual operations are being performed in the warehouse, causing delays in data entry, numerous errors, and losses
  • The corporation cannot control inventory information and raw material usage status. 
  • Warehouse locations are not effectively managed, resulting in significant time consumption during import/export operations.

Problems customers want to improve

  • Implement a Spare Parts Inventory Management System for the 5 subsidiary companies (electric factories) and the corporation specializing in maintenance and repairs for the Vietnam Power Corporation.
  • Synchronize and standardize data to manage on a single unified system.


Centralized management, synchronizing 5 electric factories:

  • Managing multiple warehouse models on the same database 
  • Consolidating visually appealing reports from different units to the corporation
  • Setting up dashboards based on each user group’s business functions and creating dynamic reports (KPIs)

Real-time management

  • Operations in the warehouse and synchronization with the system in real-time using QR codes
  • Implementing a strategy for handling goods based on FIFO (First In, First Out) and FEFO (First Expired, First Out)
  • Managing decentralization based on departments and roles/positions

Integration on a single system

  • Integration with other solutions through standard methods such as Excel files, APIs, Web Services

Optimizing warehouse space – Comprehensive location overview:

  • Visualizing warehouse cells, racks, and storage cabinets to optimize warehouse space
  • Providing suggestions for batch arrangement and suitable storage compartments 
  • Optimizing barcodes for inventory management 

Effectiveness of WMS-X Solution

  • 83% reduction in counting and data entry time
  • 97% increase in accuracy in controlling spare parts inventory
  • 85% labor savings, equivalent to 2/10 warehouse personnel.


Unified data and processes

  • Standardization of the database and warehouse management processes across all factories

Import/Export warehouse with QR code

  • Fast, accurate, and real-time updates using QR codes.

Data centralization – Seamless warehouse management:

  • Monitoring material status and usage in construction projects and initiatives
  • Real-time oversight of the overall status of exports, imports, inventory, and material usage for subsidiary companies
  • Real-time control of inventory prices and costs

Warehouse layout control:

  • Efficient control and optimization of warehouse layouts
  • Easy retrieval of inventory item locations and storage areas 

Integrated Management with EBS ERP:

  • WMS-X records warehouse exports/imports/inventory and transfers that data to the ERP
  • Customizable design, expanding definitions for various component types
  • Suitable for the specific requirements of spare parts inventory warehouses


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Hotline: (+84) 24 7306 9996

Location: Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Singapore

Email: [email protected]




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