Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
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Shifting to Smart Energy as Part of the Transition to a Smart Factory

December 11, 2023
Smart Energy Management System

In the midst of the accelerating Digital Transformation (DX), the concept of “Smart” has emerged one after another, driven by the increased penetration of cutting-edge technologies to advance the revolution in how we work. Among these, the concept of a Smart Factory has garnered significant attention as a core element of DX in the manufacturing industry. 

This is achieved by leveraging technologies to excel in areas such as predictive maintenance, defect detection, operational efficiency, and energy conservation. While the journey towards realizing a Smart Factory is indeed challenging and long, many companies are taking incremental steps, making progress in areas like defect detection and energy efficiency.

Customer Aiming to Implement Factory Automation

In the past few years, our customer has been proactively introducing systems that leverage advanced technologies to support the tasks of their workforce. Achieving sustained growth with the help of these technologies, the customer aimed to further promote their DX initiatives. Beyond merely optimizing operational tasks, there was a broader goal to digitize the workplace, particularly the factory. 

At the time, the customer operated a large factory. During peak periods, the entire factory operated at full capacity, consuming a significant amount of energy. However, during off-peak periods, the customer was surprised to find that energy consumption remained nearly constant. One reason for this was the continuous use of electricity and air conditioning in many areas (such as restrooms) even when there were no workers present, as these locations were frequently used by a large number of employees.

Another reason was the lack of effective management of machinery, resulting in substantial power consumption when the machines were not in use. Although the customer considered hiring personnel with expertise in energy management as a solution, the associated labor costs led them to reject this option. In the search for methods to smartly manage energy, the customer turned to our company.

VTI’s Smart Energy Solution

The customer expressed a desire for a solution to smartly monitor the entire factory’s condition. Upon analyzing the customer’s challenges, we proposed leveraging IoT technology to acquire real-time data and remotely manage the entire factory. Initially, sensors and other devices are installed to capture information about the equipment status within the factory. Our proprietary system, V-BMS, then visualizes the obtained data in graphs, generates customized reports, automatically manages the energy consumption of each facility through control cables and network protocols, and issues warnings and countermeasures in case of energy instability.

Smart ENE
Smart Energy Management System

Users can easily grasp the real-time status of the entire factory, even from a distance, using smart devices such as tablets or smartphones. Moreover, V-BMS offers easy integration with existing systems through API or SDK interfaces, eliminating the need for customers to build new infrastructures or platforms. With high scalability and flexibility, it is easy to upgrade and adapt to diverse needs. After considering our proposal, the customer chose to adopt our Smart Energy Solution.

Reduced Long-term Costs by 57% and Mitigated Risks by 51%

After implementing VTI’s solution for a few months, remarkable results were achieved. Long-term costs and risks were each reduced by 57% and 51%, respectively. Through the automatic energy management system, half of the energy consumption was saved. The visualization model implemented by the system made it easier for workers to understand machine operations, resulting in reduced training costs. 

Towards a Smart Factory with VTI

VTI provides manufacturing system development services, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and manufacturing knowledge. We offer these services to help manufacturing industries with their digital transformation and company success. Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about our services.


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