Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
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“Liberating” Attendance for Nearly 3,000 Workers Within 25 Minutes at the SMC Factory

December 11, 2023
FaceX and ParkingX System

The specificity of manufacturing industries with a large workforce in warehouses and factories, ranging from hundreds to thousands of employees working in various shifts, poses a challenge for human resources management. Besides optimizing production, factories also need to focus on human resources management to achieve the highest efficiency and productivity.

Customer Overview

SMC Corporation is a leading conglomerate in compressed air technology, with many years of experience providing products, technology, and innovations to support industrial automation. Established in Vietnam in 2008, SMC quickly captured the domestic market and expanded its regional distribution network. SMC consistently asserts its leading role in compressed air equipment in Vietnam.

  • 3000 employees across 3 SMC factories in industrial zones: Long Duc, Long Thanh, and Dong Nai (with an average of 1000 employees per factory).
  • Employee attendance is recorded using fingerprint scanning, taking one hour each morning to collect data.
  • The fingerprint attendance system is not connected to HRM, requiring manual input of attendance data into the HRM system.

Customer’s Requirement 

  • Employee access control using facial recognition.
  • Smart control of vehicle entry and exit in the parking lot.
  • Management of the number of vehicles entering and exiting, with lanes designated to prevent congestion.
  • Tracking the entry and exit frequency and movement of staff members.
  • Customer management upon arrival at the factory.
  • Integration of attendance data into the existing HRM system.

VTI’s Solution

1. Two-layer security with ParkingX and FaceX systems

To enhance security in the smart parking lot, the company employs a two-layer security system with ParkingX, using AI cameras for license plate recognition, and FaceX for facial recognition to ensure that the right person retrieves the correct vehicle.

ParkingX – System with AI license plate recognition

  • Automatically identifies license plates and manages vehicle entry and exit.
  • Stores license plate images and owner information.
  • Records entry/exit times, storing and analyzing data in the vehicle management software system.
  • Integrates with traffic signal lights and barrier systems to coordinate entry and exit between lanes.

FaceX – Facial recognition system

  • Manages entry and exit in the parking lot based on facial recognition corresponding to the vehicle’s license plate, matching information in the system.
  • The facial recognition system confirms the right person retrieving the correct vehicle at the entry/exit gate area.
  • Integrates with traffic signal lights to provide intelligent warnings.
FaceX and ParkingX System
FaceX and ParkingX System

2. FaceX system for office entry management

  • Facial recognition for time attendance with a fast recognition speed of under 0.7 seconds and accuracy of up to 99.97%.
  • Real-time management of employees’ check-in/check-out times.
  • Work shift management based on individuals, and positions, ensuring the standard number of working hours per day and month.
  • Control employees’ working hours, creating a database for payroll approval, salary calculation, and comprehensive leave synthesis.
  • Monitoring entry/exit times, identity, and activities of employees.
  • Ensuring security for individuals, internal assets, and sensitive information, preventing unauthorized access.

3. Mobile application for visitor entry registration

  • Search for appointments and registration with visitors.
  • Issuing/returning temporary access cards.
  • Notification to the contact person when a visitor arrives.
  • View/Search visitor access history.

Visitors register their entry on the system, including personal information, appointments, and vehicle license plate information. They then proceed to the parking area, where the security personnel will issue them an access card. The system helps control entry with two layers: card swiping and license plate recognition based on the registered information in the system.

4. Integrating with the customer’s HRM system

  • Automatically synchronize employee information from the HRM system.
  • Automatically synchronize attendance logs with the HRM system.

Effectiveness of FaceX and ParkingX System

The FaceX and ParkingX solutions from VTI confidently support businesses in overcoming barriers in human resource management and meeting essential needs, thereby optimizing the human resource management process:

  • Attendance tracking for nearly 1000 employees within 25 minutes.
  • User-friendly system with minimal steps, making attendance tracking faster and easier to manage.
  • Eliminating manual shift management to optimize the workforce and save time.
  • Managing consistent data on a single system with a 100% automated attendance tracking process.
  • Reducing complexity and increasing peace of mind for the security department by optimizing personnel management and monitoring the parking lot security with an automated entry and exit management system.
  • Ensuring the speed of facial recognition attendance tracking is equivalent to normal card swiping systems but enhances security with two-layer facial and license plate recognition.
  • Minimizing congestion among vehicles during peak hours.


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