Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
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Cloud Computing

40% Cost Reduction via Establishing a Global Development Center (GDC) on Cloud Managed Services [Case Study]

January 9, 2024
Our customer, a prominent IT service company in Korea, is spearheading technological innovation across sectors. This case study describes their collaboration with VTI, where establishing a Cloud Global Development Center (GDC) focused on Managed Service Provider (MSP) services in Vietnam emerges as a strategic response to the challenges of labor shortage and high labor costs...

Application of Cloud Computing in Vuihoc’s Online Education

December 10, 2023
In recent years, following the COVID-19 pandemic, the processes of globalization and the development of social networks have driven the growth of various online forms, and education is no exception to this trend. Even before the pandemic, online education was predicted to be a form that provides significant value. This reality presents a new demand...

Merchize has Successfully Reduced Computing Costs by up to 70% with an EKS Strategy on AWS Spot Instances

November 24, 2023
Vietnam is currently experiencing a boom in eCommerce. The number of sellers using e-commerce is rapidly increasing, as more businesses aim to expand and venture into international markets to introduce Vietnamese products globally. Merchize has consulted with AWS and VTI to transition their platform from a single-tenant environment to a multi-tenant environment. About Merchize Founded...

27% Retail Cost Reduction By Developing A New In-House AWS Procurement System

September 1, 2023
The client is a retailer whose documents generated for ordering and inventory management were managed via Excel. A huge amount of data was required to be processed, thus it was easy for those employees unfamiliar with Excel to make mistakes. Cyberattack was also a headache, even with a PIN code in Excel. This case study...

Remote robot management system

July 8, 2021
Description ・Develop a remote robot and monitoring system ・Replacing people work in repetitive tasks or hazardous environments with a high level of risk ・Improve work efficiency ・Reduce manpower, streamline organization Feature Cloud-Based solution ・Multi-monitoring & remote control (up to 10 devices simultaneously) ・Detect abnormal events and alert by Email / SMS / sound ・Obstacle detection/...

Apply Cloud computing technology to construction sites

July 7, 2021
About customer Our customer is a big construction company in Japan, and got listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Nikkei 225 Index. Description To embrace construction site security, risk management and workplace management, customer requested for a Cloud-based system which can conduct live streams at multiple construction sites simultaneously on only one screen. Solution...

Configure store work schedule as a serverless system

July 7, 2021
Description This project is for MINISTOP Co., Ltd.’s system development. Ministop is a large Japanese enterprise that run a convenience store chain with a total of over 5000 stores. Customer want to manage the work schedule management of each customer’s store in common. Since there is a lot of processed data, it is necessary to...
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