Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
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Technical Support For Over 70 Companies Across 30+ AWS Services

May 6, 2024
Technical support

This case study delves into VTI’s exceptional provision of comprehensive AWS support to more than 70 customer companies leveraging a diverse range of AWS services. With a support level equivalent to that of AWS Technical Support, VTI has implemented robust tools to efficiently manage end-user requests, track statuses, and uphold a stringent SLA of under 1 hour.

A need to expand AWS support services

Our customer is an SI Japanese company specializing in publishing and distributing computer software packages. Headquartered in Japan, the company operates across 8 branches throughout the country and boasts a workforce of over 1,200 employees, contributing to gross sales of 38.3 billion yen.

As an AWS Advanced Tier Service Partner, our customer provides a broad range of services such as AWS database setup/migration and infrastructure for big data analysis. At that time, they are looking for a service provider partner for AWS technical support for their customers. Their customers operate across various sectors, requiring support that combines expertise in AWS with an understanding of customer operations.

VTI’s strategic resource allocation for AWS support

VTI is responsible for managing customer requests, providing advanced technical assistance, and ensuring seamless AWS operations for customer companies.

VTI supports 70+ companies across 30+ AWS services

VTI encompasses supporting more than 70 companies for the customer, managing over 40 requests per month, and navigating a diverse range of 30+ AWS services crucial to the customer’s operations.

Advanced AWS Technical Support

  • Support Level: AWS Technical Support L3, providing innovative customer service to address billing, account access and authentication inquiries, and general resource management, ensuring advanced technical expertise and prompt issue resolution.
  • Support Language: Japanese and English, catering to the linguistic needs of diverse customer bases.
  • Support Hours: 24×7 coverage to promptly address customer queries and issues, enhancing operational continuity in AWS cloud environments.

Exceptional results through enhanced technical support

The implementation of enhanced technical support services has yielded significant results and impacts:

  • Response and resolution time: Achieved flawless 100% adherence to response and resolution time metrics, ensuring rapid issue resolution and minimal downtime for customer operations.
  • Self-resolved issues: Empowered to self-resolve issues without requiring external AWS support in 95% of cases, showcasing the effectiveness of the support model and resources provided.

Experience VTI’s seamless and efficient managed service

Moving forward, VTI remains committed to maintaining excellence in technical support, which will be instrumental in driving ongoing growth and success within the highly competitive technology services market. Our managed service, designed to be ITIL-compliant and fully managed, guarantees seamless and efficient operations for your business.

Now is the perfect time for businesses to leverage managed services. Get in touch with VTI today to discover how we can support your business needs.

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