Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
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Configure store work schedule as a serverless system

July 7, 2021
  • This project is for MINISTOP Co., Ltd.’s system development.
  • Ministop is a large Japanese enterprise that run a convenience store chain with a total of over 5000 stores.
  • Customer want to manage the work schedule management of each customer’s store in common.
  • Since there is a lot of processed data, it is necessary to process 3GB to 5GB of data every month.
  • Infrequent use of services.
    * Monthly job schedule is used main before and after the deadline. Average Using 3 times a day.
  • Utilization mainly for managed services.
  • “API Gateway, Lambda, RDS” combination to process daily job schedules.
  • Using AWS Elastic Container Service to process the data due to lots of processing data for the monthly job schedule.
  • Cost reduction:
    By using serverless construction instead of EC2 (virtual server), operating cost was reduced by 50%.
  • Automation:
    Daily ・ Monthly job schedule is automatically executed in AWS CloudWatch Event.
  • Monitoring / Auditing:
    Perform regular monitoring with AWS CloudWatch Logs.

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