Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
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Smart access control for Office 4.0

December 12, 2023
Smart access control for office

About the customer

The customer is one of the leading logistics service providers in Germany and around the world, with representative offices in most countries. The company provides sea and air transportation solutions as well as other related logistics services. The customer was looking for a solution for the new office in Vietnam.

Smart access control for Office 4.0


In the age of the 4.0 digital era, the customer wanted a solution that could minimize physical contact when checking in/out.

To ensure the safety of employees and guests, the customer required that body temperature checks and health declarations be completed to check in successfully.

The project was built based on the goal of ensuring the safety of the company’s employees and improving the customer experience.

Made-by-VTI solutions

In response to the customer’s needs and requirements, VTI Solutions implemented a set of access management solutions, with the following specific solutions:

FaceX – AI-based time attendance solution

A non-stop, non-contact, non-touch time attendance solution for employees in the company. Instead of using fingerprints like traditional time clocks, FaceX uses AI-based facial recognition to clock in – only 0.7 second per clock-in with an accuracy of up to 99%.

In particular, the FaceX time clock is connected to the automatic lock-unlock system of the entrance door. When an employee clocks in successfully, the entrance door will also automatically open (access granted).

In addition, some FaceX devices are equipped with a body temperature measurement function, which will issue an alert if the body temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius.

In particular, the attendance data recorded from the FaceX device is complete and accurate, supporting convenient payroll processing.

To learn more about the FaceX solution, please click here.

Virtual Receptionist Assistant (LCD Virtual Receptionist)

Smart access control for Office 4.0

A solution that replaces receptionists, creating an intelligent and engaging guest reception experience while helping businesses manage guest access and control disease.

The solution provides an LCD device placed at the reception desk, integrated with the automatic lock-unlock door function and body temperature measurement.

In particular, the solution is designed to use 4 languages: Vietnamese, English, German, and Chinese, as requested by the customer.

The check-in/check-out process when using the Virtual Receptionist Assistant for specific individuals will take place in the following steps:

  1. For expected guests

Step 1: Guests declare their health status before coming to the company’s office

Step 2: The device recognizes the arrival guest and the guest scans the QR code that has been sent in the expected email invitation to check-in

Virtual Receptionist

Step 3: The device measures the body temperature of the guest.

Virtual Receptionist

Step 4: When the body temperature is determined to be safe, the door automatically opens for the guest, and the system sends a notification to the company’s staff that the guest has arrived.

Virtual Receptionist


  1. For guests who arrive without an appointment

Step 1: The device prompts by voice to select the “Contact Admin” function.

Step 2: The guest contacts the admin via the phone number displayed on the screen of the device.

Virtual Receptionist


  1. For postman

Step 1: The device prompts by voice to select the “Postman” function.

Step 2: The postman follows the instructions on the screen of the device and moves out the back door.

Virtual Receptionist


Smart meeting room management solution using a tablet

The solution provides a tablet device placed outside the meeting room, performing the following functions: Display the status of the meeting room:

  • Empty
  • The room has been booked but no one has checked in yet
  • The room is in a meetingSmart meeting
  • Schedule meetings, and sync data with Outlook calendars of company employees (as requested by the customer)
  • View meeting schedules
  • Check-in with a PIN


4.0  Solutions have been embraced

Amid the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation, the trend of building intelligent working management ecosystems is becoming a top priority for all businesses. To adapt and thrive in the Industry 4.0 revolution, companies are constantly searching for suitable systems to optimize their business management models and ensure security. This is achieved by adopting 4.0 solutions such as Face-X, the AI face recognition system, in addition to LCD virtual receptionists and smart meeting room management.


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