VTI is certified as official partner of Amazon Web Services

VTI Co., Ltd. was certified as a “Select Consulting Partner” of the AWS Partner Network, which is a partner certification system of Amazon Web Services (hereinafter “AWS”) on December 6, 2018.
Since our founding, we have been focusing on cloud-related technologies, with cloud computing as our strength. We support the introduction of solutions that utilize AWS to a large number of customers. In system development, we provide cloud services as an integrated total solution from conception / planning to design / development / maintenance / operation.
VTI Co., Ltd. deepens its partnership with Amazon Web Services, Inc and solves customers’ problems with a one-stop solution to the cloud that utilizes AWS-related technology.
◆ About AWS Partner Network (APN)
AWS Partner Network (APN) is AWS’s global partner program. The focus is on helping APN Partners successfully build AWS-based businesses and solutions.