In embedded systems, the knowledge of hardware and OS is the key of development.

Development engineers need not only the ability to develop sophisticated software, but also knowledge of hardware development, communication skills, and management skills.

Our company will support customers further from the development of a various embedded system to maintenance support with high skill developer and abundant experience in the embedded software field. Additionally, we would like to contribute the following to your business.

  • Utilizing extensive experience and design skills to shorten development period and lower cost
  • About realize high quality / high reliability. Firstly, we had developed car navigation system. Secondly, we also have experience in development of in-vehicle equipment, mobile phone, communication equipment, and business terminal.

For example:

  • System development using embedded OS and RTOS such as Linux, μITRON, Window Embedded, Android, etc…
  • Porting and upgrading embedded systems (OS / Driver porting)
  • Support tool development on cross platform
  • Various test services