Offshore business

We provide appropriate solution to our customers on the theme of “business strengthening through IT outsourcing.”
We contribute to customer’s business in various fields centering on six services: business system , WEB system, mobile, legacy migration, cloud, and testing.


Business approach

We perform needs analysis, design, implementation and introduction consistently to propose the most appropriate system which satisfies customer’s requirements.


WEB system

We support from planning to design, implementation, development and operation.


Mobile application

We provide services with flexible selecting language, front-end, server and database.



With years of experience in building and operating the infrastructure along with AWS, we confidently propose and build the most appropriate and optimized environment and system for customers


Legacy Migration

Beginning with consulting, we implement a consistent migration process from migration plan ~ transition design ~ resource conversion ~ test support.



We provide various types of testing service such as unit test, combination test, performance test, security test, usabiliity test, compatibility test, and automation test.

We have 52 Japanese and 168 Vietnamese who work as an engineer/creator in our company.
The strongest point of our company is the young and talent staffs who are always eager and work hard to make new value to life each day.

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    PM全人が日本語が対応可となり、リソース全体の50%が日本語でやり取り出来るレベル(日本語能力証明証N3以上)に達しております。 オフショア側のプログラマーが100%英語対応可能となります。

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