Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
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Top 5 Low-Code Companies in Vietnam

February 19, 2024

In recent years, Vietnam has emerged as a key player in the global software development industry, leveraging its talented pool of developers, competitive costs, and a supportive ecosystem for tech startups. With the rise of low-code development platforms, the country is now at the forefront of enabling rapid application development, empowering businesses to build software solutions faster and more efficiently than ever before. In this blog, we will introduce the top 5 low-code companies in Vietnam.

Which factors to consider when choosing low-code companies in Vietnam?

Breadth and depth of low-code development services 

When considering low-code companies, it’s essential to evaluate the breadth and depth of their service offerings. Opt for companies that provide comprehensive solutions spanning the entire low-code development lifecycle, from initial ideation and design to seamless implementation, rigorous testing, and successful deployment. In addition to breadth, prioritize companies that offer one-stop solutions, addressing all aspects of low-code development under a single roof. 

Industry understanding

Low-code Providers with industry-specific knowledge and experience can effectively navigate your business landscape, anticipating challenges and streamlining development processes accordingly. Their understanding of industry nuances enables quicker alignment with your requirements and objectives. Conversely, low-code companies needing more industry familiarity may require additional guidance to deliver products that meet your expectations, potentially elongating project timelines.

Relationship with major low-code platform providers 

When it comes to top low-code platforms, names like Mendix, OutSystems, Microsoft Power Platform, and ServiceNow come to mind. Low-code development companies always deliver apps to customers through the functionality of these major low-code platforms. Providing services as partners of major low-code platforms allows for full support from the platform provider, facilitating faster app development.

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Top 5 low-code companies in Vietnam 


VTI Group received the award Top 10 Software and IT Services Outsourcing Companies AT TOP 10 ICT COMPANIES IN VIETNAM 2023 BY VINASA
VTI Group Received the Award Top 10 Software and IT Services Outsourcing Companies

VTI, a recognized leading IT Outsourcing company among Vietnam’s top 10 software development companies according to VINASA, empowers businesses with comprehensive low-code development services. They leverage the power of low-code platforms to help you build and deploy applications faster, easier, and more efficiently, accelerating your digital transformation journey.

One-stop solution for your low-code needs

VTI offers a one-stop shop for all your low-code development needs, encompassing the entire lifecycle of your project:

  • Consultation and assessment: Our expert team will analyze your requirements, assess your existing systems, and recommend the optimal low-code approach tailored to your unique business goals.
  • Application development: VTI leverages its expertise in various low-code platforms to design, develop, and deploy robust and scalable applications that meet your specific needs.
  • Testing & QA: Rigorous testing and quality assurance processes ensure your applications function flawlessly and deliver exceptional user experiences.
  • Integration, maintenance and support: VTI seamlessly integrates your low-code applications with existing systems, and provides ongoing maintenance, and comprehensive support throughout the application lifecycle.

Industry-specific expertise

VTI understands the unique challenges and opportunities across various industries. They possess extensive experience in manufacturing, retail and e-commerce, banking and finance, public sector, healthcare, transportation, internet services, and utilities

Leveraging leading platforms and partnerships

VTI partners with industry leaders like ServiceNow and Salesforce, offering expertise in their respective low-code platforms. Additionally, they support a range of popular low-code platforms, including OutSystems and Microsoft PowerApps, enabling them to cater to your specific platform preferences.

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FPT Software

Source: FPT Website

FPT Software stands out as a top company in Vietnam’s software development sector, dedicated to empowering enterprises with cutting-edge tech solutions. With a focus on accelerating agile processes and fostering flexibility, they specialize in providing low-code solutions tailored to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. These solutions enable rapid application development, facilitating technology upgrades and driving innovation at an accelerated pace.

Low-code services:

  • End-to-end Services: Reseller, assessments, implementation, global rollout.
  • Development: Digital labs, lotus notes transformation, modernization and new development.
  • Managed services: Ticket requests, technical upgrade, authorization management.

Platform partners: OutSystems, Microsoft Power, PEGA, Mendix, Appian, ServiceNow, Salesforce

Moreover, it is the first low-code development company in Vietnam that owns two exclusive low-code platforms:

  • FezyFlow: Concentrates on workflow management and digitalization to help businesses tackle challenges regarding services, optimal solutions, and costs. 
  • akaNox: Provides seamless migration, data fidelity, and enterprise services.

Industry focus: Automotive, Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare, Logistics and Transportation, Retail


Source: Synodus Website

Based in Hanoi, Synodus boasts a team of over 250 adept developers, offering comprehensive low-code services in Vietnam. From development to implementation and training, they cover the entire spectrum. Following an Agile model, Synodus leverages functionalities from various low-code platforms to craft customizable apps within a matter of months. Renowned for their unwavering work ethic and results-oriented approach, Synodus has achieved an impressive 88% client satisfaction rate.

Low-code services:

  • Custom application development
  • Customer experience
  • Business process automation
  • Cloud development
  • Legacy modernization
  • AI-driven transformation

Not content with just working with top low-code platforms, Synodus has also developed its low-code platform. Specializing in finance products, CRM, and ERP systems for SMEs, they have helped numerous clients build and launch applications.

Platform partners: Microsoft PowerApps, Nuclent, Sitecore, and Salesforce Lightning

Focus industry: Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, Public Sector, and Healthcare

Kyanon Digital

Source: Kyanon Digital Wbsite

Kyanon Digital delivers a wide array of IT services encompassing mobile application development, data analytics, and digital transformation consulting solutions in Vietnam and Singapore. In recent years, they have embraced low-code/no-code platforms, catering to medium and large enterprises with end-to-end services spanning development, operations, and support. Their mission is to empower customers by automating business processes and enhancing efficiency.

Low-code services:

  • Application Development
  • Cloud Development
  • Multi-Experience
  • Low-Code App Development with AI Integration
  • Intelligent Process Automation
  • Data Integration

Platform partners: Mendix and Zudy

Industry focus: Manufacturing, Retail

1C Vietnam

Source: 1C Vietnam Website

1C Vietnam, a subsidiary of the renowned Russian software development company 1C, specializes in catering to businesses across various sectors such as construction, retail, manufacturing, etc. What distinguishes them from other low-code development companies in Vietnam is their unique offering of a proprietary platform. At the core of their services lies their flagship product – 1C:Enterprise. 

The 1C:Enterprise platform stands out for its comprehensive suite of tools designed to facilitate data transferring, seamless integration with third-party systems, and effective communication capabilities. Boasting an intelligent user interface, cross-platform compatibility, and robust security features, it remains at the forefront of the latest automation trends. The solutions provided by 1C:Enterprise are meticulously categorized into 7 distinct modules, each tailored to address specific enterprise-grade  challenges: 

  • 1C:Company Management: for controlling and managing business processes   
  • 1C:Document Management: for automating, spontaneously controlling jobs, and converting digital documents    
  • 1C:Finance & Accounting: for delaying with accounting management and tax accounting   
  • 1C:HRM & Payroll: for more effective human resource management   
  • 1C:Retail Chain: for automating in-store procedures and management processes   
  • 1C:Trade Management: for process control, analysis and planning, and effective enterprise management    
  • AccountingSuite: for freely customizing accounting management reports 

Industry focus: Retail, E-commerce, Manufacturing, Finance, and Real Estate

Wrapping Up

While there are numerous players in the Vietnamese low-code development landscape, these top 5 low-code companies in Vietnam have carved a niche for themselves in the global market exemplifying excellence in innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

We hope this blog provides you with all the information you need to find a suitable partner for your project. Whether you’re a startup looking to launch your first app or an established enterprise seeking to streamline your development processes, VTI has the expertise and capabilities to help you achieve your goals. So, if you still have any questions, feel free to contact us.