Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
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VTI Has Officially Became An Odoo Partner, Streamlining All-In-One ERP Projects

March 23, 2022

In March 2022, VTI is pleased to become an official Odoo Partner, proceeding to further develop Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects for customers on the Odoo platform. VTI is a technology corporation specializing in smart solutions and services to the markets of Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, etc. Odoo is acknowledged for its open-source ERP system that enables the customization and development of infinite features via Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise.

VTI has in practice been implementing several ERP projects, yet often deployed on Odoo Community. Therefore, becoming an Odoo partner will open up opportunities for VTI to leverage Odoo Enterprise resources (i.e. access to Odoo Enterprise’s GitHub repository) to develop a variety of further features: HRM; Social, financial, etc. Moreover, VTI’s IT team, with experience in implementation on Odoo platform, will now be directly consulted, trained and supported by Odoo experts to deliver the best quality and timely projects for customers.

VTI becomes an official Odoo partner not only to exploit accumulated experience on this platform but also to aim towards an all-in-one ERP solution, supporting businesses comprehensively from human resources, finance, accounting to logistics, etc. VTI also values Odoo’s customization capability on the journey of delivering user-friendly and cost-effective solutions to specialized businesses coming from diverse fields and industries.

VTI’s ERP system in cooperation with Odoo is assessed to quickly improve over time, soon to become a potential solution for businesses expecting to expand and make a breakthrough in the digital transformation era.

VTI has been building reliable relationships with partners from various parts of the world. If your business is currently in need of an outsourcing vendor, do not hesitate to contact us.

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