Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
Software Outsourcing: A Guide To Human Resource Optimization
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Everything You Need to Know About VTI Group

November 21, 2023
Everything You Need to Know About VTI Group

About VTI Group

Stemming from the desire to accompany businesses in this digital transformation journey, in 2017, VTI Joint Stock Company was officially established to join the ecosystem of information technology businesses, providing software development services and Made-by-VTI solutions in the Vietnamese, Japanese, Singaporean, and Korean markets. With astonishing growth momentum, VTI Group quickly emerged as a leading technology company in Vietnam, boasting a workforce of over 1,200 employees across 7 offices in 4 countries: Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore.

VTI Group received the award Top 10 Software and IT Services Outsourcing Companies AT TOP 10 ICT COMPANIES IN VIETNAM 2023 BY VINASA
VTI Group Received the Award Top 10 Software and IT Services Outsourcing Companies

In 2023, at the Announcement and Award Ceremony of Vietnam’s Top 10 Digital Technology Companies, VTI Group was honored in the category of Top 10 Software and IT Services Outsourcing Companies by VINASA. It is a testament to VTI Group’s expertise and the value it provides to its clients. In the dynamic and competitive field of technology, such achievements reflect the company’s commitment to innovation, quality services, and meeting the diverse needs of businesses across various industries.

Subsidiary Companies of VTI Group

Within its diverse ecosystem, focusing on providing IT outsourcing services, education, human resources, and IT solutions, the standout strength of VTI Group lies in its IT Services and Solutions. With profound expertise and extensive knowledge in this field, VTI is not only an excellent IT service provider but also a reliable partner for businesses seeking innovation and process optimization through technology.

VTI Group’s Subsidiaries Company
VTI Group’s Subsidiaries Company

IT Outsourcing Services 


Entered the IT market in 2017, VTI provides offshore development services for global markets. Aiming to become a reputable Vietnamese enterprise providing technology solutions in the fields of manufacturing, retail, finance, internet service, transportation, and construction for customers at optimal costs.

VTI Japan 

VTI Japan was established in 2017. It is a company that specializes in providing one-stop technology services and solutions for the Japanese market. In connection with VTI in Vietnam through a skilled workforce, including more than 100 BrSEs, VTI Japan is always committed to delivering the best IT outsourcing services at an optimized cost. 

VTI Korea 

Established in 2023, VTI Korea is dedicated to accommodating more efficient one-stop technology services and solutions to clients in South Korea. VTI Korea ensures the competence of responsiveness via direct discussion, thereby delivering prompt, flexible, and effective services. 

VTI’s Core Technologies
VTI’s Core Technologies


At the core of VTI is the development of IT services and solutions that rapidly meet the demands of the global market. VTI aims to bring innovative value to customers by focusing on the development of three core technologies, including AI, cloud computing, and mobile applications.

We provide comprehensive software development services, such as application development, migration, maintenance and support. Additionally, we offer cutting-edge technology application services to help clients implement all ideas, including cloud computing, AI services, and IoT services. In addition, VTI also provides various services related to eCommerce, embedded services, SAP services, and security.

VTI Received CMMI Dev Level 3 Certification
VTI Received CMMI Dev Level 3 Certification

Product quality and security are consistent commitments from VTI throughout the process of delivering services and products to our clients. VTI has achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for Information Security Management Systems. Moreover, VTI is among the first companies in Vietnam to obtain Pmark certification – a Japanese standard for information security. The CMMI Dev Level 3 certification marks VTI’s efforts in managing international quality processes, assessing maturity levels, and demonstrating professionalism in software production and development processes.

VTI has proactively invested in its future by establishing a dedicated Research and Development (R&D) team. This team’s primary focus on researching and developing in the field of A-IoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things). Furthermore, the allocation of 1% of the total revenue for R&D activities is a strategic move that underscores VTI’s recognition of the importance of innovation and continuous improvement.

VTI Solutions 

In 2020, VTI Group introduced VTI Solutions with the Made-by-VTI product ecosystem. This is a company specializing in providing comprehensive software & solutions for customers who wish to customize products according to specific requirements and expand scale in all manufacturing industries. 

Comprehensive Solutions for Smart Factories

Our comprehensive management solution package MES-X consists of 5 main modules: MESCore, WMS-X, QMS-X, MMS-X, and TMS-X, improving production productivity, and seamlessly synchronizing all production participants. 

Made-by-VTI Solutions for Smart Factories
Made-by-VTI Solutions for Smart Factories
  • MES-core: A manufacturing execution management that tracks, monitors, stores, and updates information continuously from factories and shop floors. 
  • WMS-X: A smart warehouse management system with QR code, tracking inventory levels and all other warehouse activities from input materials to finished goods.  
  • QMS-X: A comprehensive quality management system tracking the entire manufacturing procedure, from input – during production – to output, ensuring product quality, and improving production quality. 
  • MMS-X: A device and maintenance management system, assessing and analyzing machine performance, planning and tracking a more proactive maintenance strategy. 
  • TMS-X: A real-time solution for product traceability throughout the entire production process with QR code. 

AI and Smart Products

VTI offers diverse AI and IoT application solutions that support monitoring, recording, and reporting of employees’ activities, supporting management, monitoring, and automation of production data collection throughout the entire factory operation process in an efficient way. 

  • FaceX: FaceX is a smart attendance management solution powered by AI-based face recognition technology, pioneering a new attendance checking model: transparent, accurate, high-security, and improved experience
  • BusEye: BusEye is a synchronized bus operation and fleet management system that connects with bus operators, and drivers, and tracks bus routes remotely
  • ParkingX: ParkingX is a smart license plate recognition system that enables smart, fast, accurate license plate recognition, and access management of hundreds of vehicles within just a few minutes. 
  • Virtual Receptionist: Replacing human receptionist, providing a delightful smart reception experience, while managing visitors in/out and controlling the pandemic. The solution includes a front-desk LCD screen, integrated with the functions of automatic door locking/unlocking, and body temperature measuring. 
  • Smart Meeting Management System: Smart Meeting Tablet is a smart meeting room management system researched and developed by VTI Solutions

VTI Cloud

Founded in 2019, VTI Cloud has become an advanced consulting partner of AWS, and Microsoft, VTI Cloud aims to bring the power of the “cloud” to customer organizations, shaping innovation by providing the expertise, resources, and strategic insight to transform customer business. VTI Cloud envisions being recognized as an international cloud consultancy services company that enables our customers to transform their business through innovation and trustworthy customer service. Our cloud service includes migration service, managed service, development service, and well-architect review. 

Education and Training

The subsidiary companies specializing in Education and Training, and Human Resources play a crucial role in complementing and supporting the primary objectives of VTI Group. Our workforce is a blend of expertise and diversity, adept at navigating the complexities of IT landscapes. These endeavors contribute to a robust ecosystem, enabling us to secure qualified human resources for large-scale projects.

VTI Academy

VTI Academy was established in 2019 with the mission of offering a wide range of training subjects for those with an IT background and those without a foundation in programming languages such as Java, Python, etc, also offers a variety of additional learning programs, IT-related certifications including BA, BrSE, Tester, AWS certification, etc.  

VTI Education

In 2022, Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG) concluded a cooperation agreement with VTI Education in order to jointly promote IT human resources development in Vietnam. VTI Education has set the goal of creating quality programmers and technology engineers, capable of working and meeting the needs of businesses after graduation. 


Trainocate, which was acquired by VTI in 2022, specializes in training around high-end IT solutions, vendor-specific technologies and certifications, customized content as well as a robust portfolio of business and management skills. 

Human Resources


HRI was founded in 2017 with the mission to become the number 1 company in providing resources for the domestic and international IT market to connect talented candidates and companies, and bring the best values for customers. 


ITNavi, which was established in 2017, is a free IT job search and connection platform for programmers with a partner system of hundreds of thousands of large and small businesses and corporations operating in the IT field. 

VTI – Innovation Technology Value 

sum up vti 2021

VTI Group’s mission is to be a technology pioneer in creating new value. We continuously strive to deliver products and services that utilize advanced technology, aiming to generate sustainable value for our customers. VTI Group aspires to become a leading technology company in Asia, respected by customers, employees, and the community. This vision emphasizes our strong purpose of achieving not only technological excellence but also widespread respect from stakeholders. “Respect – Responsibility – Kaizen” serves as the guiding principle for all decisions and actions within VTI Group.

What can you expect when working with VTI Group?

Collaborating with VTI Group promises a comprehensive and tailored experience, addressing your specific requirements with a diverse array of development services. With the mission of “leveraging technology to pioneer innovative value”, VTI Group always accompanies businesses during the digital transformation journey, helping them improve productivity, optimize costs, and move forward to a smart society.


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Hotline: (+84) 24 7306 9996

Location: Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Singapore

Email: [email protected]