Vision Inspection

Vision Inspection

Ensure the quality of products, optimize the cost and resources with cutting-edge technologies

Key Features

Vision inspection supports automating the identification of surface defects and groups them based on similarities in contrast, texture, and geometry.

Use case

  • Item classification (disks, farm products, etc.)
  • Finished products quality assurance and inspection system (ceramics, electronic devices, etc. )
  • Machine monitoring
VTI youngshine AI smart construction
This case study delves into our partnership with a prominent Korean construction corporation facing internal resource limitations. The customer seeks to develop a construction-planning simulation application. VTI leveraged AI technology, specifically reinforcement learning, to enhance the simulation application’s accuracy and optimize vehicle routes and costs.  Leveraging a skilled talent pool for construction planning  Our customer...
Smart access control for office
About the customer The customer is one of the leading logistics service providers in Germany and around the world, with representative offices in most countries. The company provides sea and air transportation solutions as well as other related logistics services. The customer was looking for a solution for the new office in Vietnam. Context In...
Customer Overview Our customer is a Japanese construction company that requires a risk management system at the construction site to improve the safety of workers. Customer’s Challenges Lack of effective on-site safety measures. Do not have a comprehensive system for overseeing construction sites. Have difficulty in predicting potential risks before they manifest into hazardous situations....
The client is a retailer with branches all over the country. From the early stages of the COVID-19 crisis, as a measure to improve sales, they felt the need for adopting groundbreaking technology. As a result, sales remained strong even during the complicated pandemic situation with the in-store heatmap solution made by VTI. Using the in-store heatmap...
Description User identification and authentication system by face/palm using camera. Analysis user action/behavior/ attribute to build super profile and suggest recommendation. Features Face / Ages /Gender detection using pre trained model or API service. Build proxy for switch model / service. Body tracking / object tracking ( using D-lens camera ). Technology: Java, Python. AWS....
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