Case Study


Autonomous vehicle system


Develop automatic and autonomous operation for construction vehicle.


・Build a simulation system for tracking/monitoring vehicle on virtual 3D environment

・Route planning and location tracking

・Determine the route and detect obstacles (using LIDAR, sensor …)

・Autonomous driving

・Remote control vehicles


・Language: C++, Python

・OS: ROS, Windows

・Platform: Autoware, Unity

Remote robot management system


Develop a remote robot and monitoring system

・Replacing people work in repetitive tasks or hazardous environments with a high level of risk

・Improve work efficiency

・Reduce manpower, streamline organization


・Cloud-Based solution

・Multi-monitoring & remote control (up to 10 devices simultaneously)

・Detect abnormal events and alert by Email / SMS / sound

・Obstacle detection/ unstable detection (sensors)

・Dimension measurement with laser finder

・Monitoring dashboard with data analytic

・Integrate with other systems via external IF


・Cloud-Based solution

・Language: C/C++, Python, Java

・OS: Linux

・AWS, Arduino Mega, Jetson TX

Disk classification / inspection system

Project Description

Application of technology (AI, IoT) in the production process, improving product quality => towards building a smart factory

Build AI disk quality classification system on cloud platform with:

・High accuracy AI inspector

・AI cause estimation

System features

・ Build a disc quality classification system using AI

Target :

 Automated disk classification (automatic clustering)

・ Cloud on-premise runs on both sides

・ High performance: 1.2 million / day


・Application : C#, Python

・Platform : GCP, Sci-kit Learn SDK

・OS : Windows