Comprehensive service & solutions for smart factory

Our service and solutions focus on supporting manufacturers in automating manufacturing processes and enhancing manufacturing efficiency.



  • System Consulting
  • Tailor-made software development (MES, HRM, WMS…)
  • System integration (ERP, SCADA…)
  • Maintenance & system monitoring


  • Anomaly detection & analytics
  • Business Demand forecasting & decision support system (DSS)
  • Computer vision for fault detection
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Safety control in factory
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
  • Product quality control


Cloud-based IoT Applications:
  • Setting & management application
  • Real-time monitoring application
  • Mobility application,
  • Data analytics
M2M Network Development:
  • TCP/IP based M2M network
  • Gateway application…
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Device development:
  • Firmware development
  • Device driver


  • Robot design
  • Robotic programming & control system
  • RPA
  • Factory automation
MESX - Manufacturing Execution System

A comprehensive management solution that provides an overview of the entire manufacturing process.

Centralized manufacturing execution management, from planning to real-time monitoring and reporting
  • Master data settings (BOM, routing, ..)
  • Production planning
  • Materials planning
  • Manufacturing order generation
  • Production stages and inventory management
  • Production efficiency analysis
  • Real-time tracking and reporting
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Quality management system that assures and reorients quality standard of products and manufacturing procedure, reducing production errors
  • IQC: Input quality control
  • PQC: Process quality control
  • OQC: Output quality control
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Real-time smart warehouse management from input materials to inventory and output finished products via QR code, minimizing manual processes and maximizing effiiciency
  • Materials warehouse management
  • Finished/ semi-finished products, defective products and supplies management
  • Real-time reporting
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Device and equipment maintenance management system that sets up and monitors device profiles, issuing warning alerts and analyzing overall equipment efficiency
  • Materials and spare parts management
  • Device status tracking
  • Equipment maintenance planning
  • Warning & troubleshooting
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Tracking and tracing product origin and genealogy within seconds
  • Real-time product information update
  • Instant product traceability
  • Product origin searching with QR code
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AI - IoT solutions

We offer diverse AI & IoT application solutions that support monitoring, recording and reporting of staff actions to managers throughout the entire factory operation process in an effective way.

Smart attendance management system applying AI-based face recognition technology 
  • Smart attendance checking
  • Personel data management
  • Access management
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Synchronized bus operation & fleet management system that connects with vehicle operators, drivers and tracks vehicle routes remotely.
  • Quickly control the status of getting on / off the car
  • Remotely monitor the location information and the moving route of the vehicle in real-time
  • Comprehensively manage route and smartly coordinate vehicle
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Smart license plate recognition and parking management system
  • Smart, fast and accurate license plate recognition
  • Access management of hundreds of vehicles within just a few minutes
  • Optimised human resources
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Automatic voice processing and Speech synthesis tool
  • Reducing data entry time up to 300%
  • Accurate data conversion up to 97%
  • Reducing storage costs up to 200%
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Automatic Japanese – Vietnamese translation tool
  • Supporting various file formats: PDF, Docx and Excel.
  • Fast translation speed (20 seconds/page)
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Real-time navigation and safety warning system
  • Real-time employee location navigation and mangement
  • Machine searching and locating
  • Vacant/ crowded areas management to optimize production space
  • Restricted areas set-up and prompt warnings to managers 
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ERP solutions

As an official partner of Epicor & Odoo, we are confident of providing end-to-end ERP solutions which enable customers with greater control and higher productivity levels for factories.

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With a team of IT experts experienced in software development, we are confident to deliver product customization upon customer requirements and industry specifications.

Enable easy integration with customer’s existing systems (ERP, PLC,ect.), improvising an optimal synchronous management process.

Our products and solutions can be deployed both on premise and on cloud, capable of scaling up in arccordance with customer’s business growth, maintaining or even increasing performance efficiency.


Use AI-based algorithms like a machine and deep learning to automate any operation, gain insights from Big Data, ensure fail-safe decisions of your employees, and more.


Enable the management of multiple devices and data from a single point. Creating a smart home, workplace, factory with device working synchronously.


By deploying applications on Cloud platforms, we help business with cost-cutting, flexibility, better quality assurance solutions.


Improve business with insightful data about market, real-time data access, customer detailed analysis